Limassol is the glitzy new face of Cyprus: Where to stay, what to do and when to go

If you’re ever invited to a meal with a Greek family, you’d be a fool to say no. I’ve been travelling to Cyprus for more than 20 years and on every trip I make sure to join my best friend and her family around the dinner table. Being welcoming and open is central to Greek culture so I’m always treated like one of the family and fed until I can’t eat another bite. But this trip was a little different as I opted for the south of the island rather than the east where I’ve previously stayed, around the beachside destination of Larnaca. Over five days of exploring, I discovered that Limassol is a sophisticated and forward-thinking city, a world away from the ‘fly and flop’ reputation of Cyprus.


Thanks to a boom in foreign investment and favourable tax conditions, money has poured into Limassol in the last few years. The result is a skyline dotted with high rises under construction and streets lined with fancy cars.
While the influx of money may have pros and cons for locals, for the occasional visitor it’s a win. The food scene in Limassol is booming with interesting, high quality cuisine and the local area is clean, modern and easy to get around.


The writer was a guest of Royal Apollonia.